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Our team is united by a common trait - enquiring minds that seek out and solve complex problems. Culture that values integrity and honesty above all else. We tell you the truth, always. 

After working across industries like Telco, Tech and Media, we know how public and private organizations work from mid-size to Fortune 500 - and how to do it in the most frictionless way possible. 

We are unabashedly small and seek to stay a boutique responding to our client's needs and providing you with leading edge thinking and "best in class" hands on work - all at great value.

Finger on the Map


Our process brings structure and a clear methodology, but is designed around our client's needs and business structure. Typical engagements have the following key components;


  • Goal setting and outcomes sought

  • Evaluation and assessment of current landscape and resources - including data assets

  • Clear analytic plan development 

  • Execution and visualization of output


We work hard to compliment our client’s teams and existing work, so we add value beyond all the hard work you have already done. 

Rough Surface



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Duncan founded Purseia to address a critical gap in today’s complex marketing world. Although the sea of data is rising, so few of us are able to swim confidently through these waters to reach our destination. Purseia is founded on the premise that data, technology and analytics should comprehensibly tell the critical stories that help you close the gap and shape your business’ success.

Duncan Houldsworth, CEO of Purseia
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